Four Sons (1928) [SILENT]


ISO+MDS | NTSC (720×480) 4:3 | 01:36:25 | 4,38 Gb
Musical Score AC3 5.1/2.0 @ 448/192 Kbps

English intertitles with French and Spanish subtitles

Genre: Drama | USA

Four Sons opens with the depiction of an idyllic German town – “the old country.” It is Frau Bernle’s birthday, and she is celebrating the blessing of having four wonderful sons. Franz (Francis X. Bushman, Jr.) is in the German Army; Joseph (James Hall) is a Bavarian framer; Johann (Charles Morton) is a blacksmith; and Andreas (George Meeker) is a sheep herder. When Joseph receives a letter from his friend Fritz, urging him to move to America, Frau Bernle (Margaret Mann) gives him the money that he needs to go. War breaks out and soon once close brothers on opposite sides of the trenches.

Special Features:
– Vintage Program
– Advertising Gallery
– Still Gallery

P.S.: F.W. Murnau’s city sets from “Sunrise: A Song Of Two Human (1927)” were re-used for the New York sequences.

Genre: Drama
Country: USA
Writers: Philip Klein (adaptation), I.A.R. Wylie (story),
Director: John Ford
Release Date: 13 February 1928 (USA)

Margaret Mann … Mother Bernle
James Hall … Joseph ‘Dutch’ Bernle
Charles Morton … Johann Bernle
Ralph Bushman … Franz Bernle (as Francis X. Bushman Jr.)
George Meeker … Andreas Bernle
June Collyer … Annabelle
Earle Foxe … Maj. von Stomm
Albert Gran … The postman
Frank Reicher … The schoolmaster
Archduke Leopold of Austria … A captain
Ferdinand Schumann-Heink … A staff sergeant
Jack Pennick … The Iceman (Joseph’s American friend)

John Wayne … Officer (uncredited)

Four Sons (1928) filminde ismi geçmez. Ama John Wayne de oynamıştır.


In Burgendorf, Bavaria, Mother Bernle has four sons. Franz is in the army, Johann works at the forge, Andreas tends the sheep. Joseph is riding a hay wagon with a pretty girl when some of the hay falls off, landing on the fearsome Maj. Von Stomm. Joseph gets a slap from the major… The jovial postman has brought a letter from America. Joseph has the offer of a job in the States. But getting there is so expensive… It’s Mother Bernle’s birthday and most of the town gathers for the dancing. Mother gives Joseph the money she has secreted away. He leaves for the USA… It is “Der Tag”, The Day when war is declared. Franz and Johann are excited about their new uniforms. But America is still neutral. Joseph runs the German-American Delicatessen with his new wife Annabelle. The reports of the first German battles with the Russians are good. So why does the postman carry a black-edged letter for Mother Bernle…

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